Monday, January 13, 2014

Academy Award Nominations Predictions!

Image courtesy of AMPAS

Ah, yes. With the turn of a new year comes a new slate of Oscar nominations. There was a good bunch of films released in 2013, but nothing compared to 2007 (in my opinion). Last year's was perfectly ecclectic; there was a foreign-language film ("Amour"), a musical ("Les Miserables"), an action movie ("Zero Dark Thirty") and plenty of drama that covered the gammit from historical epic to childhood survival.

The 2013 won't look anything like that.

Instead, there are no foreign films to highly consider, or any musicals. OK, if you want to include "Inside Llewyn Davis" as a musical, go ahead, but just because music plays an integral role in a film does not necessarily make it a musical. Instead we have dips into sci-fi ("Gravity" and "Her"), a deep historical drama ("12 Years a Slave"), comedic ensemble pieces ("American Hustle" and "Nebraska") and a sprinkling of moderately modern stories about pirates, corrupt greed and AIDS.

With 5-10 slots ready to be filled with best picture nominees, it's easier to say which films will definitely can in than the ones just may tip-toe in.

I think we could see one or two films collect double-digit nominations, maybe three depending on how the Academy is feeling. Expect big returns for "Gravity," "12 Years a Slave," and (maybe) "American Hustle." Though I don't predict it, there's a possibility "American" can get two more acting nods (actress and supp. actor).

Nominations are announced Jan. 16 at 8:38 EST.

12 Years A Slave
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Wolf of Wall Street
(Dallas Buyers Club)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Golden Globe Awards Predictions!

As the first, and last, big kudos before the Academy Award nominations are announced on January 16, the Golden Globes are usually the pre-Academy Awards because there is such an overlay of winners between the two kudos fests. Last year was different in that the Academy Award nominations were announced BEFORE the Golden Globes.

Anywho, here is a list of predicted winners I made. I think "12 Years a Slave" and "American Hustle" will do well in their respective genre categories.

Edit: Winners listed with original predictions

Winner: "12 Years a Slave"
Predicted: "Gravity"

Winner: Matthew McCounaughey, "Dallas Buyers Club"
Predicted: Chiwetel Ejiofor, "12 Years a Slave"

Winner/prediction: Cate Blanchett, "Blue Jasmine"

Winner/prediction: "American Hustle"

Winner/prediction: Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Winner: Amy Adams, "Amerian Hustle"
Predicted:  Meryl Streep, "August: Osage County"

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Gravity" Floats Away With 11 BAFTA Nominations

"Gravity" leads all films this year with 11 nominations including best film and outstanding British film.         


The space blockbuster "Gravity" crashed into cloud 9 Wednesday morning after receiving 11 EE British Academy Film Award (BAFTAs) nominations, the most of any film this year.

"Gravity" was nominated for best film, outstanding British film, best director, best actress for its star, Sandra Bullock, and best original screenplay, and six technical nods. The film was a co-production between the British company Heyday Films and the Mexican company Esperanto films.

In addition to his nomination for directing, Alfonso Cuarón earned the most individual nominations this year with five, earning his four other nominations as a producer, writer and editor of the film. He shares his nomination for outstanding British film with producer David Heyman and co-writer, his son, Jonas Cuarón. This bring Alfonso's total BAFTA nominations up to nine.

Not far behind in nominations was "12 Years a Slave" and "American Hustle" earning 10 each, both competing for best film and best director. While "12 Years" sought three acting nods (actor- Chiwetel Ejiofor, supp. actor- Michael Fassbender and supp actress- Lupita Nyong'o), "American Hustle" earned a nomination in all of the acting categories (leads Amy Adams and Christian Bale, supporting for Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper). The "American Hustle" cast earned the same nominations at the Golden Globes, with Adams and Bale competing in the comedic races.