Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nicki Minaj's new video, and MTV VMA nominations

Sorry everyone. Music Monday is delayed by a day.

Nicki Minaj's new video for Pound The Alarm came out today. With a carnival theme taking place in her homeland of Trinidad, Minaj flaunts around as a "busty peacock." (according to my friend) Check it out.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday: Looking back at Amy Winehouse/Back To Black

It’s been a year since Amy Winehouse left the world so suddenly. While she appeared to get her life back together, she succumbed to old demons and passed at the age of 27 (joining the infamous celebrity ‘27 club’).
            Winehouse left the world with a soulful, heartfelt repertoire that paved the way for fellow British acts to international stardom, including Duffy, Leona Lewis, and the biggest British act of this generation, Adele.  
            The short time Winehouse spent in the music industry is remarkable, considering she only released two albums, but contributed with so many other notable acts (including Tony Bennett, winning a posthumous Grammy this year for her duet with him).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Philly mob story gets fictionalized for 'Blood Betrayal'

Award-winning filmmaker Rob Child ventures into another medium with his first work of literary fiction, Blood Betrayal. Based on the memoirs of retired FBI Special Agent Charles "Bud" Warner, Blood Betrayal takes place in the heat of the Philadelphia Mob crisis in the mid-'80s, with a a case that earned Warner national acclaim. This might be a fictionalized account of Warner's story, but some quick research will show who the characters are really based on.

Following the release of crime boss Nick Scarponi, Special Agent Frank Murray (based on Warner) is prepared to tackle the crime boss once again. Eventually, Scarponi keeps finding ways to bring attention to himself; two of his goons attack Frank's police friend Center City Charlie and then he puts out a hit on someone trying to take over the family business.

Menawhile, Frank gets close to capturing con man Nick "The Crow" Consiglioni who's trying to extort money from a waterfront development pie through the lead development firm. Congilioni slips through Frank's fingers and flees the country with the money. This is the final straw for Frank as his life begins to spiral out of control. Will he ever get the chance to take the mob down?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Monday: No Doubt wants us to "Settle Down" with their new single

It's been nine years since their last single was released, but now No Doubt is ready to pick up where they left off with their latest single, "Settle Down."

The first cut from their sixth studio album Push and Shove (due out in September), "Settle Down" is the band's first studio collaboration work since their last album was released in 2001. Taking the Sade route, the long absence —due in part to singer Gwen Stefani's solo career from 2004 to 2008 — probably won't affect die-hard No Doubt fans, who will welcome this track.

What starts out as a tour through Middle Eastern landscapes, the band jumps right back into their rockin' ways. Gwen's vocals still sound sharp and are instantaneously recognizable in standard No Doubt fashion. Even 10 years later, it's still easy to distinguish Stefani's vocals between her pop-infused solo work from her staple No Doubt sound.

Anywho, "Settle Down" is a safe, but good note for No Doubt to return with. Fusing their 90's funk sound from "Just A Girl," with their early '00s work on "Underneath It All," this is a sure fire head start back into the mainstream.

This is also one of the band's longest tracks ever. Just barely 6:00 in length, the track doesn't overstay its welcome or feel drawn out, but is a celebration for what fans have been missing for over 10 years.

Can't wait to hear what else they have in store!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exclusive: Director Ben DeJesus on "John Leguizamo's Tales From a Ghetto Klown."

John Leguizamo prepares for his show Tales From a Ghetto Klown.
Photo courtesy of Ben DeJesus

           “It was one of the most rewarding experience of my life,” said Ben DeJesus on working with John Leguizamo on the documentary, “John Leguizamo’s Tales From a Ghetto Klown,” which chronicles the actor’s return to Broadway with his one-man show.
            Premiering in March 2011, Tales From a Ghetto Klown marked Leguizamo’s first show on Broadway since 2002. The documentary shows the rehearsal and preparation for Leguizamo’s show, from Broadway to Colombia.
            A fan of Leguizamo’s since a student at Rutgers University, DeJesus’ opportunity to work with him was a bit of a chance encounter.
            “David Chipel brought me in to do viral videos and that’s when I met John. We hit it off right away. A few months later, John began writing and rehearsing his show.
“I would come in and bring my camera and start shooting to get some B-roll. Then I asked, ‘Hey, can I come back tomorrow?’ and then the next day, ‘Can I come back tomorrow?’” Eventually, it turned into a full-blown project.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Monday: P!nk roars back with new single, album news.

It's been two years since P!nk has put out any new material when she released "F***** Perfect" and "Raise Your Glass" as singles from her greatest hits album. But now she's back with a single from her latest album due out in September.

"Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," from her upcoming sixth studio album The Truth About Love, is a typical P!nk track, complete with roaring vocals and vengeful lyrics about moving on from your significant other. Can't say it's good or bad, it's just P!nk.

Similar to previous songs in mood and composition, "Blow Me" is almost like the prequel to her other hit "U + Ur Hand," where both are about leaving without regret and a guy being stuck on his own. Tired of fighting? Call it off, P!nk style.

It's a good track to sing along with, but that one part in the chorus sounds like the old cassette tapes that whirred loudly when you sped rewound it while it was playing. Or like when the tape would spit out all over the cartridge when it malfunctioned. Oh, memories of the '90s.

Anyway, it's good to see P!nk back doing what she does best, kicking ass and not caring! The Truth About Love will be released September 18.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Music Monday- LMFAO party rocks at Wells Fargo

            Confetti flying everywhere, glow sticks ablaze and champagne being sprayed all over the place. Sounds like a New Year’s Eve celebration, no? It was actually the hip-hop/electronic duo LMFAO’s concert at the Wells Fargo Center on June 30.
            One of the last stops on their Sorry for Party Rocking Tour, LMFAO members Redfoo and SkyBlu played to a crowded arena of party rockers of all ages. Rockers who littered the floor and seats with animal print pants and mock afros, Redfoo’s signature look.
            After a barrage of opening acts, LMFAO took the stage headstrong with performances of “Rock the Beat II” and “Sorry For Party Rocking,” the leading tracks from their second album, Sorry For Party Rocking. What followed was an awesome display of top-notch entertainment that belongs in its own field.