Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Monday: No Doubt wants us to "Settle Down" with their new single

It's been nine years since their last single was released, but now No Doubt is ready to pick up where they left off with their latest single, "Settle Down."

The first cut from their sixth studio album Push and Shove (due out in September), "Settle Down" is the band's first studio collaboration work since their last album was released in 2001. Taking the Sade route, the long absence —due in part to singer Gwen Stefani's solo career from 2004 to 2008 — probably won't affect die-hard No Doubt fans, who will welcome this track.

What starts out as a tour through Middle Eastern landscapes, the band jumps right back into their rockin' ways. Gwen's vocals still sound sharp and are instantaneously recognizable in standard No Doubt fashion. Even 10 years later, it's still easy to distinguish Stefani's vocals between her pop-infused solo work from her staple No Doubt sound.

Anywho, "Settle Down" is a safe, but good note for No Doubt to return with. Fusing their 90's funk sound from "Just A Girl," with their early '00s work on "Underneath It All," this is a sure fire head start back into the mainstream.

This is also one of the band's longest tracks ever. Just barely 6:00 in length, the track doesn't overstay its welcome or feel drawn out, but is a celebration for what fans have been missing for over 10 years.

Can't wait to hear what else they have in store!

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