Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Anderson Cooper to feature Upper Darby School District as Part of Research Study Feature

A special research project in the Upper Darby School District by a known psychologist will be the focus of a feature on an upcoming episode of "Anderson Cooper 360ยบ".

Cooper will be interviewing Angela Duckworth at Upper Darby High School on September 2 to discuss her grit research. Duckworth, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, chose to include the school district in the feature due to its impact on the research.

District spokesperson Dana Spino said about 20 high school seniors will also be interviewed for the feature, which will take the better part of the day to shoot.

Shooting is closed to the public.

Grit is a word that Duckworth uses in conjunction with perseverance and long-term goals. The "grittier" someone is, the more likely they are to keep going toward their goals despite adversity. Less girtty individuals are more discouraged.

Duckworth's work with the school district started with a phone call from assistant superintendent Dan McGarry, who wanted a way to encourage a positive school climate in a district of 12,000 students. Initial research started in the middle and high schools. 

For her work, Duckworth was awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant last year.

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